A family requested a painting that would capture memories of their favourite walk. It had to feature 6 family members and their 2 dogs walking along a coastal path.
‘Your painting is loved by everyone. It reminds me of happy times whenever I look at it’  Mrs Hamilton

Lucy Ames

When a large investment bank, was planning their move from the City to new offices in Brighton they commissioned 4 paintings for their meeting rooms. I delivered paintings that capture the colours of a seaside town, the vibrancy of Brighton and celebrated iconic scenes of Brighton & Hove such as the West Pier and the beach huts.

“Our business is focused on providing clients with tailored investment solutions. Lucy had somehow managed to reflect this in her art………We are delighted when our clients ask us about the art; it always starts a meeting off on the right foot.” Mr D.Pegler




When this client was planning her wedding she wanted a special gift for her fiancée. She asked for a landscape based on the farm where he had worked in Australia for 10 harvests. The painting incorporates distinctive features of the landscape as well as the name of the farm. 

“The painting was a massive hit! Everyone who has seen it thinks it’s fantastic. My husband loved it instantly. I thought he was going to cry like I did!  Straight away he noticed all the words and was telling friends about the water stores and windmills, so you did a great job. Thankyou so much.”  Mrs J.Austin

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