Festival fun

I have just come back from Camp Bestival. I thought I was too old for festivals and have long mocked the hackneyed “festival fashions” that are churned out in every summer magazine (Kate Moss in tiny denim shorts and a grey tee-shirt for a cool rock band…gosh, how surprising). However, I seem to have found a renewed excuse to join in the festival fun and it’s called Camp Bestival. It’s the best fun, designed for all the family, and provides heaps of inspiration for artists.

Extraordinary creations by Monsieur Bateman were all around the site. ¬†His “Caravanserai” was a bar where you could choose to sit in half a caravan or a rogue waltzer car to enjoy your drink. “Oberon’s¬†Observatory” where we watch short animation films in a tiny cinema trapped within a recycled caravan then went onto the roof to look at the stars through telescopes were truly amazing. Imaginative ideas that just made me think how incredibly creative human beings can be. Hope you enjoy the pics.

art town bestival

Monsieur Batemans' creation




portraits at bestival

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