What is a commission? A painting that we have jointly designed and that I have created just for you. A complete one-off.

Why have a commission? A bespoke painting is unique. It is designed to perfectly fit the space it will live in. The content can be very personal so it may trigger memories and become a talking point as people want to understand how it was designed and why it inspires you.

How to commission a painting? Talk to me! We talk about your ideas, family, travels, interests, whatever you want from your painting. This usually takes 1 hour. I then provide design ideas that meet the criteria and we agree on the size, subject, content & style of your commission before I proceed.

How do I know I will like it? A design is agreed between us before any painting starts then you view your painting & provide input as the painting progresses right through to final delivery. A maximum price is provided up-front so there are no surprises. See my customer testimonials for more information on how it really works.

How much will it cost? Each commission is priced according to canvas size. Indicative prices are that a 50*50cm canvas unframed is £500, 60*80 is £700 & a 1m by 1m is £1000.

Phone me on 0800 0937 358 or email