Paint the blues away

It is common for January to leave a lot of us feeling a wee bit blue. Over-indulgence at christmas leaving us with extra pounds (of the wrong kind), the weather too awful to go outside and burn it off, dark nights and mornings…I’m making myself depressed just writing it! The best way for me to beat the blues  is to paint & so it has been fortunate that this January I have had lots of customer consultations that have led to commissions. I realise that as your classic extrovert (ref: ‘Myers Briggs’ personality testing, the Body Shop, circa 2008!), I am energised by meeting my clients and genuinely enjoy this part of the painting journey. I love it all; the chance to look at other people’s gorgeous homes, the opportunity for a coffee and a chat with people outside my lonely studio (sniff) and the process of trying to firm up what they want. Some people are absolutely clear and request a cityscape or a flower meadow but many have just a space on the wall and a desire to fill it.  Having taken my orders in Jan, I can now paint to my heart’s content in Feb and March to meet my commitments until the days get longer and the sun comes out more frequently. What’s your surefire way of beating the winter blues?

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