We Ripped It Up

Where does one start promoting an event in January, amidst No Carb diets, Dry January and the desperately long wait to pay day? It certainly meant that the usual wine and nibbles private view would probably be poorly attended. So, a plan was hatched for a launch ‘workshop’ instead where I would encourage others to have a go at the careful process of selecting the right words and images; ¬†shredding magazines, newspapers, maps and generally making a downright mess in order to create a collage of the sort I was exhibiting.

Well, it turns out we had the best fun. A great night was had by all who attended Trinity Theatre and took part in the making of a collaborative collage, an homage to David Bowie. Sometimes it seemed a bit heated around the table about which items should take pride of place on the collage and how things should be placed but in general the process was attacked with great gusto and I could not have been prouder of the resulting piece which I immediatey added as a postscript to my exhibition.


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